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NetHotel » Zheleznodorozhnyj

A modern park hotel in the center of Zheleznodorozhny

"House of Scientists" offers to rent a cozy room in our hotel in Zheleznodorozhny! At the clients' disposal are maximally favorable living conditions, optimal prices and comfortable apartments near Moscow!

Mini-hotel rooms in Zheleznodorozhny

The price of apartments depends largely on the degree of their comfort. Park Hotel in Zheleznodorozhny offers the following types of rooms:

  • standard. The size of the room is 18 square meters. There is a bathroom with a shower. The room has enough furniture for work and rest: a double bed (or two single beds) with bedside tables, a desk with a chair, a closet, a luggage compartment with a hanger, a large mirror. Also in the room there is a modern technology - TV, refrigerator, Wi-Fi;
  • improved. These rooms are similar to the standard options, but they are very convenient. The size of the improved rooms is 22 square meters. m. In addition to furniture and standard equipment, there are armchairs and coffee tables;
  • suite. The mini-hotel in Zheleznodorozhny has several two-room apartments. Rooms include a guest room and a bedroom. In the latter there is a bed, a TV, a desk. The guest room is equipped with a sofa, armchairs, a wardrobe, a coffee table. There is also a TV and mini fridge.

We accept:

Advantages of a mini-hotel in Zheleznodorozhny

  • Security. On the territory of the hotel there is an admission mode, video monitoring works. If you are worried about the safety of your belongings, we will offer you to use our reliable safe.
  • Convenience. All the rooms of the hotel are renovated. The rooms are equipped with modern appliances, including refrigerators, televisions, Wi-Fi. Also we can use a copying machine and a telephone with intercity and international access.
  • Comfortable territory. At the disposal of guests of the park-hotel in Zheleznodorozhny - a spacious parking lot, a meeting room, a recreation area. On the territory there is a small pond.
  • Quality service. Friendly and competent staff is present at the hotel constantly. Employees are ready to help in various issues: call a taxi, organize negotiations, etc. You can also order a standard breakfast. Individual discounts are available for our customers.

How to rent a room in our mini-hotel in Zheleznodorozhny?

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If you want to know more about our hotel, we invite you to take a short virtual tour of the building! You can book your favorite apartments online: just specify the time of arrival and departure, choose the type of room, leave your contact information.

To clarify the prices or ask other questions about the park hotel in Zheleznodorozhny, please contact us at +7 (916) 815-95-76. Also, the option "Callback" is available on the site.


Zheleznodorozhny, ul. Sovetskaya, house 35

tel: +7 (964) 77-65-321

e-mail: info@nethotel.ru