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NetHotel » Articles » Как забронировать отель в Подмосковье недорого: 5 правил экономии

How to book a hotel in the suburbs cheaply: 5 rules of economy

Guests of the capital are settling in a hotel in the suburbs to save 20-30%. They spend less, but they live in comfortable conditions and easily get to any points of Moscow. If we take into account our recommendations, the cost of the hotel will be reduced by another two times:

  1. Compare prices. You can rent a room in one hotel for a different amount. Each booking system offers its value. Use the search engines, where the proposals of all agencies and hotel services are collected.


  1. Pick up dates. Booking a room on weekends and holidays in some hotels is 20% cheaper than on weekdays. If possible, slightly shift the travel time.

«House of Scientists»

  1. Book online. If you are not assigned a room in advance, the accommodation will cost 10% more than when you book a room at the reception. When choosing a room on the Internet, you will get acquainted with the opinions of the guests and save on the settlement.

Hotel rooms

  1. Look for promotions. Sometimes near Moscow hotel has privileges for pensioners and discounts for companies. Users of bank cards receive special conditions for accumulated bonuses.

Park Hotel

  1. Shorten the time. Booking the day before the scheduled date can reduce costs by 30-40%. If the hotel is less than half full, administrators will offer you profitable options. When ordering a room for a month - there will be no question of a discount.

Hotel room in Moscow region

Follow the listed tips, and rent a cheap room near the capital will not be difficult. If you are interested in an inexpensive and comfortable hotel in the suburbs, book a room in the hotel chain "House of Scientists" (nethotel.ru). Stop at Dolgoprudny, Khimki, Podolsk, Zelenograd or Zheleznodorozhny. Accommodation conditions are suitable for family, corporate and romantic holidays.