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Santas of different countries

Santa Claus is the main New Year character. A tall old man in a red fur coat, with a white long beard, with a staff and a large bag of gifts, is known all over the world. But alone, he could not congratulate all the children of the Earth. Therefore, in every country there is a Grandfather Frost. Let's talk about his many brothers.

Russian Father Frost

Everyone knows him very well, because every year he congratulates the people of Russia on the New Year, gives presents to children. In his hands is a staff of crystal with the head of a bull, which is a symbol of happiness and fertility. He carries presents, sitting in painted beautiful sleighs, harnessed by horses. Santa Claus has an assistant - this is his granddaughter Snegurochka, who was blinded from snow.

Jul Thomtien - Sweden

In translation into Russian, his name means "Christmas gnome". His house is in a magical forest, in his work he can not do without a faithful assistant - snowman Dusty. If you are lucky enough to visit a guest of Julien Tomten, be sure to look under your feet, because the paths are scurrying tiny elves.

Santa Claus - United States

American Santa Claus is accompanied by a talking deer Rudolph - Red Nose. He is magical, and in order to travel across the sky, Santa only needs to put a finger in his nostril.

Mongolian Grandfather Frost Uvlin Uvgun

New Year in this country is also a holiday of shepherds. The Mongolian Father Frost is the chief shepherd. He has a bag with a flint and a tinder on his belt, a whip in his hand. His assistant - Zazan Okhin - "Girl Snow".

Babbe Natal - Italy

He strongly resembles the American Santa Claus, as the house penetrates the chimney. It is also customary for him to leave sweets and milk so that he can refresh himself.

Sinter Klaas - Holland

Sails to the country on the ship, accompanied by faithful black servants.

Ehoe Dyil - Yakutia

He has a huge bull that comes out of the ocean every fall and begins to grow horns. According to popular beliefs, the longer they are, the stronger the frost.

Joulupukki - Finnish Grandfather Frost

His name in Russian translates as "Christmas goat" or "Christmas grandfather." The house of Jolupukki stands on the mountain. Living in it, in addition to himself, his wife Muori and the family of gnomes. You can find it by a jacket made of goatskin, a red cap and a leather belt.

Ozi-san - Father Frost from Japan

New Year in the Land of the Rising Sun proclaims 108 strokes of the bell. The most popular gift for the holiday - Kumade - bamboo rake, designed to rake their happiness. Houses are traditionally decorated with pine branches (a symbol of longevity).

Korbobo - Uzbekistan

He arrives in his donkey in the Uzbek villages, accompanied by his granddaughter Korgyz.

Saint Nicholas - Belgium

Local people know that the family that shelters St. Nicholas will receive a golden apple as a gift. Everywhere he accompanies the Moor - Black Peter.

Per Noel - France

In the New Year, he wanders on the roofs of houses and descends the chimneys to put French children's gifts in their shoes.