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"To be hospitable" - means to be able to offer warm reception for visitors, To create for them quiet, favorable and friendly atmosphere.

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Mini-hotel in Khimki

Hotel "Dom Uchenih" The network offers services for the organization of a comfortable temporary residence in the City of Science in Khimki. Guests are guaranteed a friendly service. Each room has modern furniture, a reliable and functional appliances. It offers guests personal bathrooms and showers. The hotel building is located far from the busy urban roads. Thus, the endless noise of cars will disturb rest after a busy and successful day. Khimki as a science town

The historic city is the largest scientific and industrial center in the Moscow region. Here are the famous companies of aerospace and defense industry of the Russian Federation, which are of strategic national importance. These are NGOs giants as "Energomash named after academician. Apartments for rent in Novosibirsk and cheap hotels in Novosibirsk in the center. VP Glushko "FSUE name SA shopkeepers ICD" Torch "named after acad. PD Grushin and others. These enterprises developed engines of Russian launch vehicles, built the first lunar rover, developed zenith rocket complexes to "TOP" and C-300.

Special attention should institute of chemical diversity in the territory of which is a mini-hotel in Khimki, "House of Scientists". CDRI Division carried out the development of drugs for the key. Here are conducted all the necessary pre-clinical studies and registration carried out the paperwork for the products. Cheap apartment for rent in Novosibirsk. the photo gallery of Novosibirsk. Modern drugs have been used successfully to combat disease in the central nervous system, oncology, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, pulmonology, etc..

The Institute actively collaborates with major international companies and is involved in international projects.