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Hotel in Zelenograd

The network of mini-hotels "House of Scientists" offers comfortable and profitable living conditions in Zelenograd. All rooms are equipped with new ergonomic furniture and household appliances. At the disposal of the guests is provided with office equipment, which allows you to scan or print the necessary document without leaving the territory of the park hotel in Zelenograd.

Favorable ecological situation and high transport accessibility of the settlement make it an excellent choice for temporary residence. Beautiful modern houses harmoniously fit into the picturesque nature outside Moscow. Contemplation of tall pines with lush green hats will help relieve tension after a difficult and eventful day.

In contrast to the capital, prices in the stores of the satellite city are much lower. It also applies to restaurants, cafes, clubs and other establishments.

Industry of Zelenograd

Due to the high scientific and technological potential and the presence of city-forming NPKs, the settlement was given the title of science city according to art. 1 of Federal Law No. 70 of 07/07/1999. For today in the territory of Zelenograd there are enterprises for the development / production of integrated circuits, medicines, food products, powerful light sources, special materials, equipment for the electronics industry, scanning probe nanolaboratories and microscopes. In the city there is a center for standardization of microelectronics and various research institutes. All organizations are actively developing due to continuous investments.