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Hotel in Dolgoprudny

One of mini-hotels "Dom Uchenih" was erected on the territory of the emerging Science City - Dolgoprudny. Moscow city can be reached by shuttle bus or train - the distance is 18 km.

The city was founded in 1931 as a working village-airship port of Moscow. Despite the relatively young age, there are several interesting historical sites on its territory. These are : manor Vinogradovo, airship museum, Klyazma, Church of the Transfiguration, etc.

The status of science city Dolgoprudny was due to the large number of organizations (54%) working in the field of high technology. This plant building products FSUE "Doxa" CB automation of "DKBA," Scientific-Production Enterprise JSC "SPDE" chemical plant of thin organic synthesis, etc. The companies involved NPK more than 35% of the working population.

The development of educational and scientific spheres include facilities for the development of complex aviation and rocketry, solving technical and physical problems of power engineering, electronics and computer science, environmental monitoring. Also located on site Dolgoprudny conducting research in the field of new materials, medicine and biotechnology.

Where to stay for a few days?

Due to the assignment of the status of science city city received additional funding on the development of NPC. This has contributed to the growth of the number of employees seconded to Russia's largest companies. Guests Dolgoprudny mini-hotel chain "Dom Uchenih" offers affordable and comfortable rooms with all amenities. Also, guests can take advantage of high-speed internet and modern office equipment to scan / print documents.

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