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Types of rooms in hotels

Modern hotels have a numbered fund, divided into categories according to the degree of comfort and equipment. This allows each guest to find an option that best suits his needs.

Classification of rooms by the number of beds:

  • SINGL - with one single (one and a half) bed;
  • DBL- with one double bed;
  • TWIN - with two separate single beds (one and a half beds);
  • TRPL- with three separate beds;
  • ExB - with the possibility to organize an additional bed-place.

In cheap hostel-style hotels there are QDPL numbers for 4 people.

Hotels offering rooms for guests with children, use an additional classification of rooms:

  • Inf - with toddlers up to two years;
  • ch - with children under six years old;
  • CH - with a teenager to fifteen years.

For example, the number DC (DBL + Chld) will target two adults and one teenager.

Classification of rooms depending on the layout is as follows:

  • Standart - a standard interior that provides the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay;
  • Superior - a room with a similar layout, but larger;
  • Studio - studio with a small built-in kitchen.
  • Bedroom - rooms with separate living room and bedroom;
  • Suite - another option with a living room and a bedroom, featuring improved furnishings and good technical equipment;
  • Family Room - rooms for families;
  • Apartment - apartment with several rooms and a modern comfortable environment.

Separately classified rooms that have some or other advantages. For example, the Balcony label indicates that the room has a private balcony, and the Ocean View designation indicates that the windows offer ocean views.

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