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About Podolsk

The first written mentions about village on the Pakhra river within 33 miles from Moscow are refers to 1627-1628 years. According to these years, The Podol village in cadasters of Danilov Monastery was listed as Monastic Patrimony.

The village became Podolsk city in 1781 for “The Highest of Her Imperial Majesty Catherine II” a decree on the basis of reform "on the establishment of provincial districts”. Then the local convocation of noble families had been confirmed a municipal arm: two crossed golden picks on an azure field, and with a picture of St. George pierced the snake by the spear, as a sign of Moscow priority.  

Today, Podolsk is the one of the most important economic and cultural centers of the Moscow suburbs.

Podolsk – the city of hi-tech manufacture and science, the equipment for thermal and nuclear stations, accumulators, microwires is turning out here.

Excellent prospects for further development of Podolsk identified a favorable geographical position and strong scientific and industrial potential, as well as major contribution to the city administration in the development of education.

 Podolsk  locates on south of the capital, 43 km from the Moscow center and 16 km from the Moscow Ring Road, on the highway and railway line Moscow-Simferopl.

Communication with Moscow is carried out by the all kinds of public ground transport. The basic lines are The Simferopolskoe and Varshavskoe highways. Also the train follows from Kursky terminal to the Podolsk. The nearest subway stations are Yuzhnaya and Tsaritsino.

The “Dom Uchonikh” hotel is a modern hotel with a business influence, established with the specific of city Podolsk, and it's geographical proximity to Moscow - 30 minutes of driving from The Kremlin, and about 20 minutes from The Domodedovo airport. There are great number of Russian and foreign scientists, tourists and businessmen visiting Podolsk.