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"To be hospitable" - means to be able to offer warm reception for visitors, To create for them quiet, favorable and friendly atmosphere.

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Eugene, May 1, 2016
You have good hotels, you send your staff to live only with you. We work with you not so long ago, but like your conditions. The more that you provide individual discounts, it's very nice. From the employees of bad opinions about your hotels were not, on the contrary, everyone returned satisfied. Hence, we will continue to work with you.
Anna Lemesheva, November 14, 2015
I already stayed twice at your hotels, once in Podolsk and once in Dolgoprudny. I liked to book the room through the site, very convenient. And the prices you have in principle adequate, the rooms are clean. The employees are friendly, there was not a single claim to the quality of service.
vanov Andrey, September 23, 2015
In your hotel in the city of Khimki, I stayed until one day, when I went to this city on a business trip two months ago. The number was booked in advance by phone, partially paid by cashless transfer. I liked the hotel, cozy, room service is also good, everything is clean and tidy. And the cost of living was very inexpensive. Thank you!
Tatyana R., June 10, 2015
We went with a colleague to the refresher courses, returned from them only a week ago. Lived in the hotel Podolsk "House of Scientists". We were satisfied with the accommodation, the hotel is excellent. And the bed in my room was comfortable, I slept well there. I have problems with my back, so I was worried about the bed, but as it turned out, I was in vain worried. After-sales service is good, the staff is friendly. We lived with you for 10 days, even had time to get used to it.
Sergey Ilyasov, May 2, 2015
I often go on business trips to work in Zelenograd and Khimki. When I have to stay with an overnight stay, I book a room in your hotels. You have reasonable prices and good rooms. I also like that you have polite staff and cleaning is done daily. It's nice to stop at you.
Mikhail Dmitrievich Nefedov, April 7, 2015
In your hotels we always place our employees when we send them on business trips. You always have rooms that meet our requirements. Still never had problems with the placement. We usually pay for the rooms in advance so that there are no overlaps. To work with you like, so far no one of the employees complained about the service.
Marina Sergeeva, March 28, 2015
Stayed in your hotels several times already. You can see that you care about your reputation. In whatever city you are, in every hotel you have order and good numbers. Always clean bed linens and towels, cleaning is also done regularly. And all this for a moderate fee.
Konstantin G., March 12, 2015
Yesterday I returned from a business trip, was in the city of Dolgoprudny week, lived all this time in your hotel. Before that I stayed at the nearest hotel in Moscow, which was much more expensive than money. I travel to this city several times a year and in the future I plan to stay with you. First, it is much cheaper, considering the cost of travel, and secondly, good service and comfortable rooms. I got a nice single room, the bed is comfortable. I was satisfied with everything, I paid for my stay in cash. I will definitely return to you again.
Karaseva Olga, February 14, 2015
Was on a business trip in Zelenograd, lived three days in your hotel. Booked a room in advance through your website. The reservation was accepted without any problems, in part I paid for the room immediately, so that certainly there were no overlapping. Upon arrival, I was immediately settled, I arrived just at 13.30. Room was good, I liked it. Bed linen and towels in it were fresh. I was satisfied with your service. Next time I will go to this city in the middle of August, I will also live with you.
Natalia, August 31, 2014
Have been to this hotel for the first time. I liked it very much. Cozy and clean rooms. Efficient staff and from the center of Podolsk nearby. We will be constant your visitors! :)
Alexey, August 24, 2014
I join all the reviews. The accommodation left a feeling of warmth and comfort of the home.
I want to add, Service-friendly girls, Price- no comments, Purity- Every day cleaning-I estimate for 5
Wi-Fi for 5+
Svetlana, August 2, 2014
With my daughter came to Klimovsk, our friends who used to be in the hotel "House of Scientists" recommended it to us and I did not regret that I chose this hotel. I quickly got there since I was close to Domodedovo airport and I also liked that the center is not on the minibus either long away. The friendly staff always smiles affably that they create a good mood for the whole day, the rooms are clean and neatly cleaned, also on the ground floor there is a mini café where you can have a delicious breakfast for only 200 rubles. In the evening my daughter included cartoons via the Internet, the speed is good Wi-FI excellent, the hotel is sooo happy with the arrival in it brightened up my trip to Klimovsk.
Stalker-2010, July 10, 2014
I was on a business trip in Podolsk, I booked the House of Scientists Hotel. No obvious faults. Close to the train station Kutuzovskaya - 3 minutes and I'm in the center. The rooms are quite cozy and comfortable. For a day in the room Standard with a large bed paid 2 000 rubles (there was an Action, and so the number costs 2500r.), It was very nice. Breakfasts are normal, dinner was ordered at a certain time, quite tasty, cost around 500 r. Wi-Fi in the room works as it should for 5+, check mail, read news and watch the film for a dream, it's okay, TV also works fine. The staff was friendly, When leaving I forgot my laptop on the floor, the expensive gadget, I remembered about three hours later, called the administration, said that they were waiting for me, I came without any problems. I recommend that those who come to Podolsk for a short time come to work.