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About Us

Corporative hotels network “Dom Uchonykh” (netHotel) based on Center of High Technologies “KhimRar”.

CHT “KhimRar”, located in town Khimki, Moscow Region, is a unique for Russian Federation private scientific and research complex and innovation business center, unifying high-technological organizations, working on development for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturers.

CHT “KhimRar” is performing the full cycle of preclinical and clinical new pharmaceutical and drug compounds development, from actual biotargets identification for bioscreening, synthesis and molecule check studies, to finished pharmaceutical forms and new pharmaceutical.

Read more on www.chemrar.ru

As part of own business innovation program in 2005, CHT “KhimRar” supported the initiative to test and improve functional model of mini-hotel “Dom Uchonykh” in Dolgoprudny. The hotel got its name beause of the nearest location to the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies. Based on analyses of mini-hotel operating in Dolgoprudny, experts of  “KhimRar” developed the conception of creating the network of small hotels in Moscow suburbs  - “netHotel”, made for business innovation and oriented on comfortable residence for scientists and business-tourists,  coming  in the CHT or other organizations of Moscow Region.

The format of mini-hotel provides individual attention to each client. The service level of inn “Dom Uchonykh” meets the European requirements rated 3-stars.