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NetHotel » News » Участники Чемпионата России по мас-рестлингу остановились в гостинице «Дом Ученых» в г. Dolgoprudny

Participants of the Championship of Russia on mas-wrestling stopped in the hotel "House of Scientists" in Dolgoprudny

Participants of the Championship of Russia on mas-wrestling stopped in the hotel 'House of Scientists' in Dolgoprudny

Victory in any sport is a huge work, sweat and blood. The way to the top of the pedestal is quite thorny and requires the athlete to complete self-giving. What then to speak about the whole team, which at an incredible price conquers the team place in the championship of a huge country? Especially since in this competition the national team of a small republic is far from being the leader? This is where the team spirit in general and the knowledge, skills, skills of each individual athlete are tested.

In the first days of April in the city of Dolgoprudny the Russian Championship in mass wrestling (pulling a stick) took place among men and women. From our republic 16 sportsmen took part in it - the best of the best, winners of republican competitions. Mas-wrestling can be called a truly popular sport. As in any single combat, there are rules and tricks. But in general, the principle of the fight is pretty simple: take a stick from an opponent or drag it in a sitting position on your side. Nevertheless, the struggle requires a fairly strong physical preparation, the ability to immediately think through the line of attack or defense and perseverance and strength of mind from the athletes.

The sport for the residents of not only our republic, but also for the entire south of Russia, is quite "exotic". However, the entertainment and excitement that is inherent in him, allow mas-wrestling to gain popularity.

The founders of this sport - wrestlers from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - are considered to be undoubted leaders in dragging a stick. But recently they were attacked by athletes from the CBD on their heels. In some weight and age categories our sportsmen have already outrun the Yakuts by the number of victories.

This time the competition at the Russian Championships was much stronger than at world-class competitions. Nevertheless, the national team of the republic has replenished its piggy bank with medals. And, distinguished themselves as boys and girls. This time the members of the national team managed to win only bronze medals. Nevertheless, in the team event we have the second place. Timur Kardanov (up to 70 kg), Alim Bizhoev (up to 80 kg), Murat Tligurov (up to 90 kg) made their contribution to this - they are trained by the top-level wrestling coach Betal Gubzhev. Among the girls, Ferid Suleymanova (up to 65 kg) (coach Imran Tubaev), Kristina Kaigermazova (up to 75 kg), Oksana Zhashueva (up to 85 kg) and Kristina Kochesokova (85+) (coach Natalia Tokareva) excelled. They also became bronze medalists of the championship.

At the time the athletes had not only medals, honor and respect, but also a place in the borough and a ticket to the World Cup in Kazakhstan. This was succeeded by Murat Tligurov, Kristina Kaygermazova, Kristina Kochesokova and Oksana Zhashyeva. Now they have to prepare for world-class competitions.