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NetHotel » News » Исследование: туристы предпочитают свадьбе путешествия

Study: tourists prefer wedding travel

During travel, tourists feel happier than on their own wedding day. In addition, many are ready to exchange even a date with your loved one for another exciting trip. It was to such conclusions that specialists of Booking.com came in during their research.

"Travel gives a colossal charge of positive emotions, vacation itself and its planning deliver more joy than other important events. According to the survey: travel gives more happy emotions compared with the day of their own wedding (49%), a new job (50%), a date with a loved one (51%), an engagement (45%), a child (29%). Interestingly, 77% of study participants reported that they book a vacation when they need a charge of positive energy, "the company's specialists note.

The poll involved 17 thousand people from 17 countries. Most of them (70%) travel bring more joy than any material benefits. In particular, 56% of respondents said that vacation is much more important for them than buying new clothes, gadgets, jewelry. And 48% said they prefer to rest, and not spend money on improving their living conditions.

"Travels cause tourists to have an emotional uplift at each stage, starting with the planning of the holiday itself and booking the hotel room and ending with the trip itself. And it is at the planning stage that they experience the most vivid positive feelings. That is, almost ¾ of respondents (72%) explained that they feel a strong surge of positive emotions only from a simple viewing of possible options for vacation destinations. And more than half of the respondents (56%) say that they feel an emotional upsurge, booking a hotel for the planned trip. Those questioned at the same time stressed the importance of instant registration when searching for and selecting the right accommodation option, "the specialists of the company noted.