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About Khimki

The town was founded in November, 1851, when the station “Khimskaya” (now Station “Khimki”) of St. Petersburg-Moscow railway was opened. Then settlement was started.

By Decree of the Supreme Soviet on March, 26, 1939 the town Khimki was founded. The town got its name due to the name of river Khimka being nearby.

Today, Khimki is a modern city with developed infrastructure.

Khimki is located between Moscow Channel and Skhodnya river. Here situated the largest forests of the Moscow region. The favorite resting places are: Moscow Channel,  Butakovsky  gulf,  Lev Tolstoy Park, Khimkinskiy forest-park, Barashkinskiy pound, Dubki park and Marii Rubtsovoy park.

Khimki is one of the few small towns in Moscow region which has a big sport base. There are two large stadiums, basketball club, swimming pools, ski bases, fitness centers, the center for preparation Russian team to the Olympic Games in equestrian sport and pentathlon here.

Khimki always has a well-developed infrastructure, which used by the Muscovites.

The "IKEA" mega mall and Furniture Center “GRAND” in Moscow Region firstly appeared here. Now there are also situated “MEGA MALL”, "Auchan" mall, “OBI” mall, shopping and entertainment centers"Liga" and "Arpha".

Moving from Moskow to Khimki, it's difficult to understand, where one town ends and the other one begins, it looks like Khimki is only one of suburbs of the capital, where one can get to by the bus, train or trolley #202 and #203, departing from subway station Planernaya. The transport line of Russia cross Khimki-Motorway Moscow-St. Petersburg (Leningrad Highway), Oktiabr’skaya railway and Moscow Channel.

In one of the most silent and green parts of the town there is a Dom Uchonykh Hotel. This is a modern hotel with a business influence, established with the specific of Khimki, and its geographical proximity to Moscow - 40 minutes of driving from The Kremlin, and about 15 minutes from The Sheremet’yevo 1 and Sheremet’yevo 2 airports. There are great number of Russian and foreign scientists, tourists and businessmen visit Khimki.