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How to reach hotel in Khimki

 “Dom Uchonykh” hotel is situated at the northern part of Moscow city (3 km from Moscow Ring Road). In Khimki it’s coordinates:   55° 48′ 33.2″ nl. 37° 26′ 36.9″ el.

You can get to the hotel by the several ways, each of them not takes long.

1. On the bus from subway stations:

- “Planernaya” (bus # 817)

- “Rechnoy vokzal” (bus # 851)

- “Altuf’evo” (bus # 5)

2. Driving a car on Leningradskoe highway 3 kilometers from The Moscow Ring Road (short of the McDonald’s), turn right to the Repina Street, then after the bridge, turn to the right to the Rabochaya Street, then after 100 meters, turn to the left to the hotel.

The road to Khimki on average takes15-20 minutes,but it depends on traffic. Good transport availability – one of the main advantages of the city.

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