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About Dolgoprudny

The town has received its name at 1938 due to the name of Long Ponds being nearby, which were existing since 16 centuries. Since 1931 here was the first USSR dirigible base, further – industrial complex "Dirizhablestroy" which gave in 1935 the same name to workers settlement. During the war town has been working for the front line: Moscow stone processing industrial complex (it was started in settlement Dirizhablestroj in 1937) let out plates for pillboxes and security obstacles, the Hlebnikovsky machine-building ship-repair factory (HMBF) let out and reconstructed vessels for military needs, Dirigible shipyard - dirigible balloons for Moscow defense!

In September of 1941. - The Dirigible plant was reorganized into repair shops #462 to repair attack planes IL-2.

November 24th, 1946 - the Physico-Technical faculty at the Moscow State University of Lomonosov was founded. It was based at educational case of the Moscow Aviation-Technical Institute in Dolgoprudnyj settlement.

March 17th, 1951. - Physics and Engineering Department was reorganized into the Moscow Physico-Technical Institute.

Since May 28th, 1940 – The Central Aerological Observatory has started to operate  in Dolgoprudny.

October, 17th, 1957 - The working settlement Dolgoprudnyj has been transformed into the city of regional submission with preservation of the former name. The Likhachevo, Shakovo, Gnilushi and Kotovo villages was included to the city limits.

Dolgoprudny was located next to the Moscow Channel, which was open at July 15th, 1937, and was named The Moscow-Volga Channel (built 1934-1937, the length of 128 km, the width of the water mirror - 85 m, bottom width - 46 m, depth - 5,5 m. In 1947 was renamed to The Moscow Channel). In the Dolgoprudny area the unique hydraulic construction was created in those days: selected soil to a depth of 23 meters, width 46 meters (at the bottom of the channel) and length 6 km.

Today, Dolgoprudny is a modern city with developed infrastructure.

Dolgoprudny is located in immediate proximity from Moscow. In the south it almost merges with its northern outskirts, in the west by the Moscow Channel, and from the north – by The Klyazma reservoir. Dolgoprudny has favorable environmental conditions, as well as its proximity to the capital: the distance from Moscow Ring Road is 4 km.

Communication with Moscow is carried out by the all kinds of public transport. The basic lines are Likhachyovskoe and Dmitrovskoe highways. Also the train follows from Savyolovsky station to the Dolgoprudny. The nearest subway stations are Altuf’evo and Rechnoy Vokzal.

In one of the most silent and green corners of a town there is a Dom Uchonikh Hotel. This is a modern hotel with a business influence, established with the specific of city Dolgoprudny, and its geographical proximity to Moscow - 40 minutes from The Kremlin, and about 15 minutes from The Sheremetyevo 1 and Sheremetyevo 2 airports. There are great number of Russian and foreign scientists, tourists and businessmen visiting Dolgoprudny.

There is prestigious Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) locating in Dolgoprudny.