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Permanent guest card

The network of country hotels "House of Scientists" offers comfortable living conditions in the near Moscow region. The advantages of the location of our mini-hotels are not only in favorable environmental conditions, but also the ability to set affordable tariffs. Additional benefit for the guests is provided by discount cards, which are given to regular guests. Conditions for obtaining the relevant status can be clarified by the hotel's on-call receptionist.

Permanent guest card Card usage rules

Product Overview

The discount card of the permanent guest is made of plastic and has a design that meets the production and advertising needs of the company. It is not debit or credit, it can not be used in calculations. The purpose of the product is to store information about the hotel guest for giving him a discount.

Card usage rules

  • Each card is registered and has an individual number. One citizen can be given only one discount card. The transfer of it to unauthorized persons is unacceptable. However, the owner can give a discount to another lodger at payment at the reception.
  • The card grants the right to receive a 10% discount on all categories of rooms and in all hotels of the "House of Scientists" network. To do this, the owner must present it at the reception prior to payment. In the absence of a card, a reduction in value is not made.
  • The validity of the card does not depend on the date of issue, design and other features. The term of its validity is not limited.
  • In case of damage, loss or theft of the card, the owner must inform the hotel administration. You can send information to any hotel in the network, you will need to show your passport to verify the identity of the citizen. The lost card is blocked. The recovery conditions can be clarified at the reception desk.
  • If you find a lost card, please transfer it to the staff of any hotel in the "House of Scientists" network.
  • The owner must notify the administration of the "House of Scientists" about any changes in the personal data. To make adjustments, you will need to fill out a questionnaire.

If the above rules are violated, the card may be withdrawn from the holder without the right to restore it. Ignorance of the Terms of Use does not exempt from liability and is not a basis for making claims.

The Company has the right to amend the conditions for using the card at any time and without agreement with the holder.