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How to get from Moscow to Dolgoprudny

The “Dom Uchonikh” hotel located to the north of Moscow (4 km from Moscow Ring Road). In Dolgoprudny it’s coordinates:   55°56′00″ nl. 37°30′00 el.

You can get to the hotel by the several ways, each of them not takes long.

1.      On the bus:

From the subway station “Skhodnenskaya” (bus #472)

From the subway station “Rechnoy Vokzal” (bus #368)

From the subway station “Altuf’evo” (bus #545)

2.      On the electric train from the subway stations “Timiryazevskaya” or “Savyolovskaya” to the stops “Novodachnaya” or “Dolgoprudnaya”. It is necessary to consider distinctions in the schedule of electric trains and a lunch break.

3.      Driving car on Dmitrovskoe or Leningradskoe highways.

The road to Dolgoprudny on average takes 15-20 minutes, but it depends on traffic. Good transport availability – one of the main advantages of the city.

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